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The birthday of someone close to our hearts is an opportunity to focus on them, think about the person they are and our connection with them, and to tell them how dear they are to us and how much we good we wish for them. A simple, “Hey, happy birthday,” doesn’t do our sentiments justice, and seems to go in one ear and out the other without being truly felt. Even writing tired and generic expressions found via google or with AI assistance, such as, “Age is only a number,” or, “You’re not 70; you’re 18 with 52 years’ experience!”- doesn’t feel a whole lot better. It’s still not a personal birthday greeting.

Love is found in the little details, which change all the time and can be very, very specific. The birthday card addressing someone turning 50 should be distinct from one for age 70, but also distinct even from age 51…

It also makes a huge difference for whom we are writing the birthday wishes. The greeting composed for my little sister won’t sound much like the one for my father, and neither of those will be appropriate for the birthday card for my best friend from college.

Yet somehow, despite the magnitude of our love, when sitting down to pen a birthday greeting, our brains can shut down and the perfect words evade us. In the end we find ourselves returning to the same overused texts, hoping they will suffice. Of course, our loved ones will instantly forgive the less-than-optimal birthday wishes. But we’ve missed a special opportunity…

If the last few paragraphs reflect your own experience, remember this page and bookmark it for easy access. Here you will find creative, amusing, and uniquely specific birthday greetings dedicated to each separate age. How can we distinguish a 50th birthday card so clearly from one for age 49? With a bit of imagination and inspiration.

The world around us provides us with excellent fodder. Just explore this site and see what we’ve done! You won’t find anything like this anywhere else.

You’re invited to use the greetings available on this site to suit your personal needs in order to bring joy to the people you love. Please don’t post them in public spaces (such as on a website) without crediting us, because these birthday wishes have been penned with much effort and dedication. We also encourage you not to leave these greetings as they appear here, but rather add your own personal touch, customizing them for the special birthday girl or birthday boy in your life.

Have a love-filled, joyous birthday!

So… how to write a birthday card for any specific age?!

 Take a look; we think you’ll like it…

A greeting for a 50th birthday… how to write one unlike any other?

A 50th birthday is undoubtedly the most important birthday in a person’s life- or so it seems, given the number of searches for the subject on google. When someone reaches age 50 even more people than usual make the effort to send a birthday greeting, but they all seem the same. Why not treat them to a refreshing and different birthday wish, one that will make them smile?


"For my 70th birthday I got a card unlike any I'd gotten in my entire life."

70-year-olds have already seen pretty much everything. And when it comes to birthdays and the greetings that come with them, they’ve really seen everything. What do you say about using your birthday wishes for them to show them that at age 70 there are still plenty of surprises yet to come? Take a look at some wild ideas that will make the birthday girl or boy

Are there any birthday cards out there just for age 43?

There’s no charitable way to put this- 43 is an entirely unremarkable age. Boring. It’s not half a century, a quarter century, not even a nice round number. So what do you say to honor someone’s 43rd birthday? This question is apt for most ages, when it comes down to it. Are we supposed to just repurpose the same birthday wishes from the previous year? Of course not! Check out these examples and see how even a 43rd birthday greeting can become

1-year birthday cards - are they for the child or the parents?

When a child reaches age one, they obviously don’t really understand the birthday greetings they get. But the parents do! It seems birthday wishes aren’t always intended only for their direct recipient… So why not get funky with the birthday cards, even for a first, second, and third birthday? We’re allowed to get a bit clever and original- rest assured, someone will notice that can appreciate it.

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