Funny Happy 30th Birthday Wishes

You’re loved one has reached the big 3-0, and the celebrations are just beginning! They’re bidding farewell to those wild 20s and getting ready to embark on a new journey. There are so many exciting things in store as a new decade of life begins, and getting a unique and special birthday greeting is just one fun way to kick it all off and start on the right note. 

Thirty and Thriving!

There’s a whole new world opening up when someone turns 30, and so many exciting things to discover with the number 30. NHL player Martin Brodeur wears 30 on his jersey, 30 is the pearl anniversary for married couples, cats have 30 adult teeth, there are 30 standing stones at Stonehenge, and more! You’re invited to take these greetings and wishes and personalize them for the 30-year-old in your life!

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Happy 30th Birthday wishes - messages

Happy 30th birthday – to someone as unique as the sum of squares! Did you know that the number 30 is the sum of the first four squares (1 + 4 + 9 + 16)? Your wit and charm add up just as perfectly, complementing each other to form the amazing person you are. Here’s to your brilliance – may your new decade square with your greatest dreams and aspirations. With all our love and endless appreciation!

Happy Birthday to someone who has been standing strong for 30 years! At the ancient structure of Stonehenge, there are 30 standing stones that have been there for at least 4,000 years. Your incredible spirit is something that has stood the test of time, just like the stones, and we bless you with continued strength and love for this and many more birthdays in the years to come. Enjoy each and every moment!

The cat’s out of the bag! Today is your 30th birthday, and we can’t wait to celebrate! Adult cats typically have 30 permanent teeth, which all serve an important purpose in a cat’s carnivorous diet. Someone like you is always looking to take a bite out of life and clearly has an important purpose in all that you do, and it’s what we love about you. We wish you nothing but the best and hope your celebrations are everything you want them to be. Happy Birthday!

Happy 30th Birthday! When a couple celebrates their 30th wedding anniversary, it’s traditionally known as the “Pearl Anniversary” because, historically, men would present their wives with a pearl after 30 years of marriage. Reaching 30 years is no easy feat, which is why a rare jewel that’s not easy to find, like a pearl, was chosen to represent it. Someone like you is a rare kind of person worth cherishing and admiring like a precious jewel. Enjoy your celebrations, and remember how special you are!

Let’s make some noise for your 30th birthday! In Western tonal music, 30 is the total number of keys, both major and minor, that one could play. The joy you bring to our lives is like a beautiful melody, and we hope you will never be afraid to march to the beat of your own drum as you continue forward. We wish you a happy birthday and can’t wait to celebrate!

Today is your 30th birthday, and there is no limit to what you can accomplish! 30 is the youngest age a person can be to become a U.S. Senator, so now a whole new world of possibilities has been opened to you. Whether you go into politics or not, we admire who you are and the way you lead in all that you do. We wish you a very happy birthday and hope you have an incredible celebration!

You’re about to enter your 30s, so time to shoot your shot! New Jersey Devil’s goalie Martin Brodeur has been wearing number 30 on his jersey for his impressive hockey career, in which he has won several Stanley Cups and two Olympic gold medals. You are gold worthy yourself and have always impressed us with your drive and spirit. We love you and hope you have a very happy 30th birthday!

You are turning 30 years old, and it’s time to jump for joy! The dinosaur Ornithomimus was able to jump 30 feet in the air, the most powerful jump of any dinosaur, despite its small size. One of the things we love about you is how you are able to jump into anything you set your mind to and work hard to succeed. We wish for you to continue to be the strong and powerful person you are as you enter your 30s and enjoy every moment. Happy Birthday!

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Now it’s all in your hands! Time to take these birthday wishes and greetings and customize them and share them with the 30-year-old in your life. These unique wishes will help your loved one feel extra special on their birthday and will make it a celebration to remember!

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