Funny Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes

The day is here! A special toddler in your life is turning 3 years old, and now is the time to celebrate. They have grown so much and now can speak more with you, be more independent, and are beginning to form who they are as a person. Getting fun birthday messages is something they’ll enjoy and will be able to look back on as they continue to grow!

Hooray for Three!

Three is an incredible number, with so many wonderful things to learn from it. It’s the number Babe Ruth wore on his jersey, the number associated with creativity and self-expression in tarot cards, in the year 1903 crayons were invented, and it’s the very first odd prime number. You are welcome to take any of these special greetings and personalize them for the 3-year-old in your life! 

A 3rd Birthday, Filled With Growth and Inspiration!

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Funny happy 3rd birthday wishes - messages

Happy birthday to a wonderful 3-year-old, who we are so blessed to have in our lives. In Chinese culture, the number 3 is considered a lucky number that will bring luck and abundance because the Chinese word for luck is so similar to the word for life and birth. And on this, your 3rd birthday, we bless you with nothing but the best of luck in your life and hope you will receive an abundance of everything you wish for. Sending you lots of love today!

Today is the day, and you’re officially 3 years old! The number 3 is an exciting number in mathematics as it’s considered the first odd prime number. But there’s certainly nothing odd about how much we love you and how special you are at this age. You are a prime kid, and we can’t wait to celebrate more with you. Happy 3rd birthday!

Congratulations, today you are 3! In Ancient Rome, there was a Latin phrase that translates to, “Everything that comes in threes is perfection.” And as you enter into your third year of age, you are perfect to us! Wishing a very happy birthday to the best 3-year-old we know! We love you!

Happy birthday to an amazing 3-year-old! Three is an interesting number in tarot card readings and is associated with self-expression, creativity, and teamwork. As you grow, you have become so creative with what you do and have learned how to make your opinions and thoughts known as you express yourself. We’re so proud of the person you’re growing to be, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come! Have fun on your special day!

Happy birthday to a growing 3-year-old! In 1787, New Jersey became the 3rd state to join the United States of America and is known as “The Garden State.” It got its name from its fertile farmland that’s still used today and has become a major place for all sorts of industries and famous people. And just like a garden, you are blossoming and growing into an amazing kid with so much more to discover ahead of you. Enjoy this exciting day and celebrate!

Happy 3rd Birthday! You are becoming quite the little artist, and we know you love to draw and explore with all the different colors. In the 3rd year of the 20th century, two men named Edward Binney and Howard Smith invented crayons for kids like you and introduced a whole new world of colors to use. We wish for you to continue to shine bright with all the colors of the rainbow and know how much we love you. Congratulations!

Today is your 3rd birthday, and we know you’re going to hit a home run! Legendary baseball player Babe Ruth wore the number 3 on his jersey for most of his athletic career and was given the number 3 because he was usually 3rd in line at bat. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1936, and today you’re in the Hall of Fame in all of our hearts! Keep hitting all your challenges out of the park, and enjoy your birthday.

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Three For Me and You! 

Now the time has come to make these birthday greetings special just for you and your loved one. They will be such a fun surprise to receive on their birthday and something unique and wonderful that they will be able to look back on for many years to come. Their 3rd birthday is going to be something to remember! 

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