Funny Happy 1st Birthday Wishes

A first birthday is such a special and exciting occasion. Whether it’s your own precious baby, your grandchild, a niece or nephew, or the child of a dear friend, this is not an occasion you want to miss out on. These birthday wishes are ones that they may not be able to read just yet, but someday when they grow up, they’ll be able to look back and see how loved they were with these unique greetings and blessings. 

What’s not to love about the number 1?

The number 1 is probably one of the best numbers around, which makes celebrating a first birthday feel extra fun and wonderful. After all, if you’re number 1, you’re in good company. George Washington was the first President of the United States, San Marino was the world’s first independent state, the first foods eaten in space were meat and chocolate, Benz Patent Motor Car was the first car introduced, and more!

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Time for a first birthday to remember for years to come! 

Now the time has come to take these birthday wishes and make them just right for the baby in your life who is celebrating their first birthday. Years later, when they look back on the beautiful greetings and blessings they were given this year, they will most certainly feel loved and have a big smile on their face.